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    Storage units

    As one of the most important rooms in the home, having a well-designed and good quality bathroom is crucial. Our products include a range of integrated bathroom units which hide-away pipe work and plumbing for a smooth, easy to clean bathroom which offers fantastic storage space for all the small bits and pieces which are so vital. Browse our bathrooms online for inspirational interior ideas.

    Organizing a bathroom can be a challenging task, especially if it is very small and compact. Bathroom are the most important and used rooms in our home, so it is essential that you organize everything well to make it look practical as well as stylish.

    Storing the essentials like toiletries, towels and bathroom supplies becomes easier when you invest in thoughtfully designed bathroom storage solutions and furniture. Fixura offers a range of integrated bathroom storage units that give your bathroom a clean and clutter free look. Bathroom storage units by Fixura offer the right blend of design, style and functionality. Well thought out bathroom units will not only help you organize the items but will also make the room appear bigger!

    Fixura also offers wall mounted bathroom storage solutions to enhance the functionality of your bathroom. Wall mounted units clear up the floor space so that you have a lot of space to walk around and utilize it for storing other items. You can find a complete range of our bathroom cabinets fitting servicesto suit the decor of your home. Fixura also offers a wide range of wall mounted bathroom storage units in various colours and styles, to suit your personal taste and choice and can be made-to-order to suite the size of your room.

    It is essential to choose the right type of bathroom storage units to make leaning less of a hassle and to be able to find things easily. We can give a complete new look to your old and boring bathroom, so if you are looking for a facelift for your bathroom, browse our bathrooms online for inspirational interior ideas.

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