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    Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens undertakes to repair or replace the product and/or parts free of charge, in respect of both material and workmanship, subject to the following conditions.

                                     CONDITIONS OF WARRANTY

    1. This Fixura warranty guarantees that our cabinets will be free from faults or defects in:

    1         Cabinet Material for 5 years

    2         Workmanship for 24 months

    3         Parts and Accessories for 6 months

    (*Fair usage applies – please check Warranty clause b.4 & c.8 below)


    1. This warranty covers and applies only:

    1         to cabinets supplied & fitted by Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens. If you are unsure as to what is meant by “cabinets” please speak to us and we will clarify the position for you;

    2         to the person who purchased the cabinets. It is not transferrable to any other person;

    3         to cabinets used within the obvious environment intended by their design, for example bedroom cabinets used within a bedroom and kitchen cabinets used within a kitchen and not bedroom cabinets used in, for example, an outhouse or a garden shed;

    4         *to cabinets installed, used and maintained in a reasonable manner, with due care and in accordance with any guidelines provided by Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens. *Fair usage applies;

    5         to cabinets purchased and used within the United Kingdom.


    1. This warranty does not cover:

    1         damage caused or contributed to by poor, faulty or incorrect use and/or maintenance;

    2         damage caused or contributed to by events outside Fixura’s control including but not limited to Acts of God, fire, explosion, contact with corrosive matter, extreme weather conditions, flood, vandalism, enemy action, soiling, misuse, abrasion, improper storage following delivery, rot and/or infestation following delivery, leaks (or similar incidents) or any other ‘force majeure’; 

    3         damage caused or contributed to by the removal of the cabinets and/or parts following initial installation;

    4         damage or colour deterioration caused or contributed to as a result of normal wear and tear;

    5         damage caused or contributed to by alterations or repairs other than those carried out by Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens;

    6         damage caused or contributed to by wilful damage, abuse, mistreatment, negligence, abnormal storage or environmental conditions;

    7         damage caused or contributed to by the customer or a third party, household animals and misuse by children.

    8         *damage caused or contributed to by unfair usage, abnormal usage, undue care, neglect, misuse and lack of sufficient maintenance for example in places like rental properties, student properties, business premises etc.

    9         the goods not designed, manufactured or supplied by the Seller (Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens). The Seller only gives such guarantee or warranty to the Buyer as the Seller itself receives.

    10     any faulty design, manufactured materials or workmanship supplied or undertaken by the Buyer or third parties.

    11     electrical and light fittings, bulbs and glass.


    1. Any claims made under this warranty should be made within the warranty period of that specific product and within 7 days of the alleged defect arising. To make a claim under your warranty you must contact Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens at
    2. Following the filing of a claim, Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens will investigate the claim and if we believe there is a defect or fault covered by this warranty, we will at our option either repair the defective cabinet (or parts), replace the defective cabinet (or parts) or issue a refund of the price you paid for the product.       
    3. If on inspection it is determined that there is no breach of this warranty, the customer may be required to pay the cost of inspection.
    4. If you do not allow our (Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens) representative to review the product which is subject to the warranty claim, you will invalidate the warranty in respect of that claim.
    5. Any repaired or replacement cabinet (or parts) are supplied & fitted in accordance with the current procedures at the time of replacement, which may incorporate modifications arising out of changed or improved product specifications.
    6. That although any form of mirror glass supplied by Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens will be of good quality, Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens will not be held liable to meet any claims arising from defects, minor blemishes and imperfections due to the glass manufacturing process. However any form of mirror glass from our suppliers has been rated for a 10 year life by the manufacturer.
    7. Any repaired or replacement cabinet (or parts) shall be guaranteed on the terms of this warranty for the unexpired portion of the warranty period only.
    8. This warranty is non-transferrable and is personal to the original purchaser as shown on the invoice.
    9. This warranty will only apply if you do not owe us any money under the contract.
    10. Fixura Bedrooms & Kitchens shall not be held liable to meet any claims for consequential loss or damage howsoever arising, except in so far as the restoration of such damage or loss falls within the rights of the customer under common law.
    11. This warranty is subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, and any dispute or claim arising out of, or in connection with it or its subject matter, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law.

    *This warranty is given in addition to and not in substitution of your other usual statutory rights, in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.